Solutions à la carte for your events

Up to 40km from an internet source

With the huge growth of the smartphone and tablet market, it has become necessary to accommodate the users of these devices. Within the past few years, charging stations for mobile devices and public hotspots have become more common. Above and beyond these installations, the public expects to have internet access at all times, hence why you should offer a free Wi-Fi service.

People are on the lookout for information no mather where they are : in a waiting line, during a sport event, in a shop… Same thing happen for anyone attending an event, whom is also waiting for a public Wi-Fi to be available; he will benefit from a better connection and will save on his mobile plan. The technical team of the event will also be glad knowing they can have access to a reliable network to help them in their work.

Above and beyond a public Wi-Fi, would it be possible to make it profitable? How to do so?

Its possible to choose a starting webpage when your user connect to your public network. Usually reserved to user with the required infromations, IT-Events suggest you should use your network as a tool for your event.

In addition to a convenient interface and a vital source of information for the user (precise location of nearby kiosks, parking, restaurants, shopping, weather, pricing, ticketing, schedule, etc.), this portal is a good source of revenue for the event manager. Why?

The content of this homepage is a great portal to direct people to your stores and kiosks on site, to see your web content and generate interaction!

What’s more: with this source of traffic imposing what the login page, it provides additional visibility to your sponsors, which you may offer to buy advertising space in order to place their logo.

The resuslts are incredibles!

Up to 40 000 users (at 10% simultaneous usage) on an internet connection up to 40 kilometers from your event

festival multiculturel de chambly

Festival multiculturel de Chambly

 The festival is growing steadily. The effects of radiation media TC Media newspapers and contribution LML technology, which quickly brought online our Facebook page images and videos, has helped make people flock to festival

M. Cardinal – Coordinateur de l’événement

igloofest 2016

Tour du Président

The event has even taken on the appearance of great bike competition through the cooperation of LMLTechnologie, a team of IT specialists, who provided live coverage of the two circuits on giant screens at the Inn.

Comité de la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Vallée-du-Richelieu – Tour du Président