Frequently asked questions

Is the layout of my event is eligible to benefit from the Wi-Fi Event-IT?

When you contact us for your event, we will check the availability of the Internet from the geographic location of your event. The technologies used by our team allow us to connect your site to a distance of 40 kilometers from a source of physical Internet (cable, optical fiber, ADSL, SHDSL, etc.). Moreover, with technology ‘line of sight’ (line-of-sight or LoS), it is possible to make interconnections to extend the original scope up to hundreds of kilometers through ‘broadcasts’.

How many simultaneous connections WiFi Event-IT can support?

 Depending on your needs, assessing the amount of antennas that will be installed on the site will allow us to quantify the number of simultaneous connections. The connectivity offered by our team can reach up to 25,000 simultaneous connections.

What is the bandwidth limit for Wi-Fi?

 For Internet applications, you will divide the number of concurrent connections per bandwidth determined by the Internet provider. For example, 10,000 connections over a bandwidth of 1000 MB / second will offer a minimum transfer rate of 0.1 MB / second, not including the optimization of server ‘Proxy / Cache’ which locally stores the Internet queries in order to avoid double application, accelerating the speed of navigation.

What is the installation time?

 It will be important that our team members have access to the website at least one week in advance to coordinate the installation with the production team.

How far your equipment does it cover?

 The distance covered will be dependent on the number of antennas installed on the site. In general, antenna covers a 300-foot radius.

My event is held in [city]. Do you travel far?

The beauty of our technology is that it is likely that we will get where traditional providers can not help you. Contact us to find out if it is possible to service in your area.

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