Internet for events

The technological expertise of the team of IT-Events is vast. You can count on the best experts of the IT industry to answer questions for all of your needs. We can bring you all the necessary technology solutions to the digital success of your event, or work with your current suppliers to arrange the various components of technology so that all solutions work properly for your event. We have the ability to deploy IT teams across Canada, and we are able to coordinate project management for all of the solutions for you.

numerical success


-Wireless within 300 feet of our base camp

  • IT-Events provide Internet- 5 km or less

-We Manage to connect within 8 kilometers line of sight of your event

  • IT-Events provide Internet – 5/40 km

-We Manage to connect 5 and 40 km in line of sight of your event


-300 To 500 on connections 200 square meters

-1 To 3 days

-4 To 10 days

-11 To 100 days

* To consider:


  • Provided by event every 200 meters
  • IT_Events provide solar electricity


  • 1 Vlan
  • Additional VLAN (production, communications, media, public, etc.)


  • Hourly technicians

Extended -Distance:

  • Every 100 meters of connection (switch POE) additional

Web Platform

-Automatically appear when connecting to Wi-Fi

-Sponsors Logos included

-WordPress articles are easy to add and edit


* To consider:

-app IPhone and Android

-Online shop

content and social media -Manager


-Digital cameras for pictures

-Simultaneous Diffusion local and Web (free or Pay Per View)

Web synchronization

Social media

-Photos integration with bleed in the platform

-Platforms with content approval before distribution option

Before or during the event


-Digital display

  • kiosks, Twitter Wall, etc.
  • ITES Media


  • Beavertix
  • E4Soft – Skidata

Google Virtual -Visit

-Repérage People

  • Iloc

-Repérage Equipment (Internet of Things)

  • ideogram

IP Telephony

  • Ominivigil

-Printers And barcode scanners

  • HP, Xerox, Zebra

Big data

-Big Data – local and web


  • Connections Statistics
  • Device Statistics “walking around” – how smart phones are walking on the website
  • Number of devices connected to the platform
  • visited pages
  • bandwidth per VLAN – production, communication, public


  • On your website – Google Analytics
  • On your social media – Views and Likes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube