Événements-TI - Fournisseur officiel pour le Cosmodôme de Laval

Troisième preuve de concept: Quantitative et propagation de signal - Salon de l'autisme

Deuxième preuve de concept: Perfomance - Vidéo streaming sur 75 kilomètres pour le Tour du président

Festival multiculturel de Chambly: Première preuve de concept - fonctionnalité complète

Igloofest 2016

The firm Piknik Electronik, representing Igloofest event, has chosen IT-Events to integrate the Internet at Pier Jacques Cartier, and deploy a wireless signal to the team ticket, production, and the communications team.

Igloofest has chosen our solution because we have the ability to give a wireless Internet signal up to 8 km distances upstream and downstream speed 260 Mb second.

Extreme temperature challenges (temperatures down to -40 ° C) were met, and the systems remain operational at all times. The ticketing team could work on various sections of the site, besides the production team and communication that could access their headquarters by VPN resources.

Autism exhibit

The autism exhibit is a proof of quantitative concept in a limited space. The objective was to connect a lot of people over a long period of time with facilities in space and specific geographic boundaries. Exhibitors who were present for four days had needs such as payment by credit card, presenting their solutions available on the Internet, streaming on the Internet and access to resources such as ticketing.

Official supplier for Laval Cosmodôme

The Cosmodôme chose IT-Events as official supplier of wireless solutions for events held in their museum. So IT-Events can create temporary installations for events and offer services such as photo embedded in the Web platform, ticketing, etc.

In addition, the Cosmodôme chose OneWeb to expand its business platform interactive solar system, available to all visitors on touch screens.

For further questions about planning your event at the Cosmodôme, please contact Ms. Christel Mucci at 450-978-3600, # 3617, or to the following email address:c.mucci@cosmodome.org

Tour du président

The Tour du président was proof of concept Internet broadcast content. The event was held at the Hanley inn, and cyclists were on a hike of 70 km that were rebroadcast simultaneously with detailed information and sponsor display via a broadcast channel on the Internet, which was rebroadcast simultaneously the tent of the inn. During the 3 hour event, participants at the event who stayed on the site of departure and arrival were able to track cycling.

Festival multiculturel de Chambly

The multicultural festival in Chambly was our first proof of concept. Organized by Pierre Cardinal, Cardinal saw the potential visibility of the web platform. Our proof of concept was specifically related to ensuring that all parts of our technology is functional for the event, such as the integration of the Internet signal, the spread of wireless, the display of the platform web, integration and power of social media, besides adding photos almost instantaneous from the digital cameras of the team to the web platform. Indeed, some pictures were displayed with the festival logo on the Web platform, and the dancers were not off the stage yet!

A  press release was also published mentioning our service to the festival